I’m a Silicon Valley transplant now living and working near Washington, DC. I work with companies locally, across the US, and around the globe. I enjoy meeting and collaborating with the best and brightest of the tech industry. My goal is to help promising companies succeed, and in turn, accelerate the growth of vibrant tech scenes and communities.

What I do now

Principal | 2014 - Current

Independent advisor, consultant, thought leader

Operational experience highlights


VP of Product & UX | 2010 - 2014

What I did
Built the product organization from 5 to 30, customized a product-driven culture and process, helped grow revenue 10x and take the company public. 

What I learned
Applied behavioral science, strategic UX, how to drive user engagement, the keys to operating as a successful executive and product leader.

VP of Product & UX | 2006 - 2009

What I did
Started the product team, grew it to 12, introduced disciplined UX, implemented Agile/Scrum, helped increase the valuation from $30M to $400M in 3 years.

What I learned
Criticality of doing one thing well, hardcore Agile methodologies, big data & real-time computation, limitations of pure technology

Lead/Sr. Product Manager | 2001 - 2005

What I did
Grew cross-sell up-sell and feature ARR by $100M in 2 years, personalized item pages, contributed to nearly every part of the eBay e-Commerce app, led a small PM team.

What I learned
Fundamentals of PM (from Marty Cagan), product strategy, hard work & discipline, metrics-driven decision making, marketplace dynamics, importance of good design, constructive interactions.