Consulting services cover a wide range of topics.

We deliver measurable outcomes for companies needing senior product leadership.

Most consulting arrangements:

  • Filling in an organizational gap, such as a Chief Product Officer or VP of Product & UX
  • Focus on specific deliverables or accomplishments, such as a refreshed product vision, detailed UX audit, new roadmapping process, PM hiring plan, or customer interview findings
  • Include work performed directly in the office or remotely
  • Involve working alongside an existing team, ideally teaching them to fish
  • Are estimated up-front and billed hourly
“Ben can tackle the toughest Product problems and has my highest recommendation. At VideoBlocks, he’s partnered with our executive team to define our strategic product roadmap, helped us identify and hire the best PM talent, and provided indispensable day-to-day counsel along the way.
— Jonathan Fulton, VP of Product & Engineering at VideoBlocks