Product management gets exponentially more complex as companies scale. Founders/CEOs need to balance delegation with personal involvement in product decisions. Smart but unseasoned PMs get thrust into senior positions, and new hires are expected to hit the ground running.

For all these reasons, I frequently play the role of a coach and mentor for VPs of Product, their team members, and/or the CEO.

I coach Product professionals by:

  • Focusing their time and attention on what matters most
  • Providing a second pair of eyes on their deliverables before they're published
  • Acting as a collaboration and brainstorm partner
  • Sharing best practices and examples from dozens of other startups
  • Being a valuable resource they can come to with any question or concern

I don't evaluate PMs as an outside consultant. My focus is always on providing constructive guidance, making product teams better, and accelerating professional development (listen to my TIPM Podcast).

“Ben has been an invaluable addition to our team. As an advisor, he’s provided me with actionable recommendations into the what, how, and why of product management. Additionally, he’s helped coach and support our internal resources. This coaching has been incredibly effective in accelerating the rate with which we develop product.
— Allen Gannett, CEO of TrackMaven