Nearly every VC-backed startup intends to be "product-driven". But when pressed to explain what that means and what differentiates the day-to-day operations of product-driven companies, founders are often at a loss for words.

As a startup advisor, we show companies the path to becoming truly product-driven.

We provide guidance and coaching and also roll up the sleeves helping companies:

  • Set a vision based on the most pressing customer needs, market trends and competitive landscape
  • Define a strategy for realizing their vision
  • Hire product management rockstars
  • Organize their product teams
  • Leverage Agile concepts to optimize their product development processes and ensure customer value is delivered as often as possible
  • Incorporate behavioral science techniques into their user experience design

Advisory engagements can be structured many ways, but the most common is a monthly retainer for 5 hours a month (1-hour weekly calls plus another hour for ad-hoc discussions or feedback on documents, designs, and roadmaps via email).  In working with clients, we're always looking for the highest-leverage way to use our time to help the company succeed.  We're also not shy - we'll challenge assumptions, ask hard questions and share best practices and templates to help you determine the right moves for your product

“As an advisory board member, Ben has provided world-class product strategy and design expertise to Whoop. He’s rolled up his sleeves, challenged us, and presented new and innovative ideas. I’m amazed by how much he brings to the table. Ben is the real deal.
— Will Ahmed, CEO of Whoop