Job Post: Executive Assistant +

I am looking for a permanent part-time (~20 hours per week) professional assistant to play a critical role in the long-term success of a software technology advisory practice, Foster Innovation. This professional will work closely with me and my clients, and be responsible for a wide variety of tasks and business outcomes.



The role is incredibly multi-faceted and dynamic. It includes a mix of all of the following:

  • Executive assistant. Schedule meetings, manage a complex calendar with absolute precision, write professional emails, make reservations, book travel, sweat the details to keep things running smoothly.

  • Group/event coordinator. Organize a consortium of technology product managers, keep them engaged through steady communication and valuable content, book small-to-medium-scale events, manage to a budget.

  • Researcher. Discover and share relevant articles, blog posts, books, SlideShare presentations, videos, etc. Research entrepreneurs, companies, events, etc. Maintain an organized and curated content repository, publish it on the web site.

  • Content author. Create visually powerful PowerPoint presentations, write talking points, draw digital diagrams. Edit emails, blog posts, and other content. Produce early drafts of documents that expand on concepts I describe.

  • Social media marketer. Manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, the Foster Innovation website (via Squarespace) and other channels. Gain traction, expand the digital footprint through social media.

  • Personal assistant. In addition to business priorities, organize personal projects and to-dos. Plan parties, find and evaluate service providers, tools, and products. Research travel destinations, recommend fun local events, enforce work-life balance.



To succeed in this role, many traits are required:

  • Ethics. Fair, open, honest, trustworthy. High degree of personal integrity. Able to maintain confidentiality and act with discretion. Follow-through on commitments.

  • Professionalism. Highly professional, always courteous, comfortable communicating with executives and other VIPs.

  • Attitude. Driven, proactive, confident, eager to roll up the sleeves. Calm, never frazzled, optimistic and positive, a pleasure to work with.

  • Availability. Generally available during regular business hours (ET), able to turn around emails, texts, and calls in 2 hours.

  • Organization. Methodical and organized. Visual thinker. Ability to make sense of information through spreadsheets. Extreme attention to detail (nearly to a fault).

  • Communication. Absolute fluency in English, clear and concise writer, excellent listener and note-taker. Good with visual communication.

  • Intelligence. Able to understand complex topics on the first pass, fast-learner. Abstract thinker, excellent problem-solver.

  • Competency. Proficiency in Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Asana, project management tools, LinkedIn, Twitter, Squarespace. Embracing of new technology, not intimidated by it.

  • Experience. Worked in fast-paced office environments, familiarity with tech space, excellent professional references. Worked on long-term projects with dependencies.

  • Education. Bachelor’s degree from a respected university.



Not all work is created equal. I care greatly about the experience and growth of the person who fills the role, and intend to provide enrichment and fulfillment in return for hard work, consistent quality, and earned trust. Here’s what you can expect in return:

  • Fair pay. Competitive hourly rate, guaranteed minimum hours. Potential financial incentives for work that goes above and beyond.

  • Balance and flexibility. Work from home. Optimize working hours around personal (or other work or educational) obligations.

  • Ownership. Be in charge of projects end-to-end. Assume responsibility for results instead of tasks.

  • Meaningful work. Your efforts will directly contribute to a thriving tech startup scene. Be involved in the success of tech startups. Have a positive social impact.

  • Fun and variety. Perform a diverse set of tasks, love the work you do, develop a strong rapport, build lasting relationships with VIPs, challenge yourself, and have fun at work.

  • Tech exposure. Get introduced to titans of the tech industry. Get visibility into startup strategy. Help establish best practices in software product design and development.

  • Learning and growth. Develop your skill set on the job, do things you’ve never done before, get training and feedback from a seasoned executive, grow your capabilities.

  • Opportunity for expansion. If business activities prove successful, there is opportunity for the role to grow larger in scope, types of responsibilities, number of hours, and pay.


Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about this position or applying, or if you have a referral in mind, please contact me at