Great products start with great people.

We help companies make great product hires, whether it means finding their founding product manager, scaling an existing team, or bringing in the right senior Product executive.

We partner with the hiring manager and interview team to ensure A+ talent is hired each time. This usually includes:

  • Identifying company needs, optimizing job posts, determining minimum qualifications and required experience and expertise

  • Organizing the end-to-end hiring process, identifying important questions to ask, dividing responsibilities across the team, ensuring process consistency

  • Creating challenging homework assignments, evaluating candidate responses

  • Filtering resumes, directly interviewing candidates, identifying and following up on yellow and red flags

  • Managing candidate debriefs, ensuring a high bar is maintained, selling the right candidate, and even onboarding

While we are very well-connected, particularly in the DC and Austin metro areas, our focus is on making the right hire from the available candidates, rather than sourcing candidates to add to the pipeline. If we do know someone who might be a good fit for a role, we’ll reach out.