The Product Club

An invite-only community of product management rockstars focused on sharing best practices.


How It Works

1. Apply to become a member when invited.  In your application, share your strengths and what you hope to gain from being a member.  If you look like a good fit, you'll be interviewed.

2. If accepted, you'll be assigned to guilds (groups of members) based on your level, industry, location and company revenue.

3. Start using the member benefits outlined below.


Member Benefits

Topic of the month

Every month, there will be a topic chosen by the community and multipls ways to engage with that topic:

  • Monthly webinar where an expert presents their own best practices and war stories  on that topic.  The presentation is followed up with ample time for the audience to share their own war stories and learnings.
  • Curated, thought-provoking articles related to the topic, and a private Slack channel to discuss key takeaways from those articles.
  • Example topics: forming a product strategy, selecting/tracking KPIs, using Agile effectively, documenting the right level of detail, and hiring.


Find a mentor or mentor others to strengthen your skills by teaching them to others.

  • Give an hour, get an hour.  Mentorship is a two-way street, so for every hour you mentor someone else, you can get an hour of mentorship from other members.
  • You can have multiple mentors based on their strengths and what you're hoping to gain.

Private SLACK Community

Talk real-time with other members

  • Get advice on something you're working on.
  • Vent about what's happening - we've all been there.

Why The Product Club is Different

  • Books and articles are great ways to learn new ideas, but there's no one to help you apply those ideas at work.
  • Meetups are plagued by wanna-be product people and recruiters, and there's never any time dedicated to discussion.
  • Conferences are expensive and the sessions are more like lectures, even if they leave 5 minutes for questions. 


$100/mo or $1,000/yr if you prepay, starting in 2019

Free for all 2018 beta members.