UX Design Processes

Intro to product design - Stephanie Engle
Master class on the importance of - and core workflow for - designing products.

UX design methods & deliverables - Fabricio Teixeira & @ciaoab
Explanation of (and references to additional content for) all the fundamental deliverables and practices utilized by strong UX/UI design teams.

Fast path to a great UX - increased exposure hours - Jared Spool
A strong argument for having everyone spend at more time with users (and do so more frequently).

Empathy map - Dave Gray
An explanation of the empathy map along with a link to the downloadable canvas, which can help you focus/hone your user personas.

How to build an experience map - Niall O'Connor
A great how-to guide for creating an experience map with a real-life example.

The art of the user interview - Nick Babich
User interviewing 101. A tactical, practical how-to guide for conducting user interviews.