What you see is what you get

We will never delegate something that's important to you to someone "less senior". And, if you're coming to us, it should be because you have a critically important need. You'll always have our full attention, and if we ever feel the work can or should be done by someone else, we will be the first to let you know.

Always practical and tangible

We strive to ensure my advice is immediately applicable. We won't waste your time pontificating about product management theory or reciting business school textbooks. When we provide a framework, we include real examples of it in practice. When we propose a new deliverable, we provide workable templates. Everything we describe, weI back up with real content, actionable recommendations, and personal follow-through.

Uncommonly proactive

Startups are busy: it's hard to carve out time for what's important when you're overwhelmed by urgent issues. As a result, companies often don't see what they don't see. A good advisor sees it for them. But, unfortunately, most advisors sit on the sidelines until their number is called.

We feel it's the advisor's duty to actively find the best ways to insert himself and add value. Therefore, we regularly reach out to CEOs, VPs of Product, etc. to check in, identify opportunities for them to do things better, and tenaciously follow through to make them happen.